River Thames Footbridge Plans Progress at Battersea
Thursday 16 February 2012

Proposed Footbridge
Artists impression of proposed footbridge, courtesy of One-word Design

Speaking at a recent meeting of the London Assembly Transport Committee, Richard Tracey said “Travelling on the river is one of the great pleasures of London – it is a safe, comfortable, and reliable way to travel from west to east. The Mayor’s vision which I help to promote is that river transport should be an integral and wholly available part of the transport network.”

Battersea, as well as being one of the main thoroughfares for river transport is also seeing developments on land in the form of a proposed footbridge joining Battersea on one side of the river to Chelsea on the other. Assembly member Richard Tracey and MP for Battersea Jane Ellison are delighted with the proposals for a new footbridge just upstream of Battersea Cremorne rail bridge. The proposals are still in their early stages however local business man Mr Iqbal Latif has commissioned architects One-world Design and engineers Expedition to study the possibilities for a freestanding bridge linking the Battersea Square area with Imperial Wharf and Chelsea Harbour. 

Of the proposed footbridge, Richard Tracey comments “I have been asked to contact TFL Planning chiefs to ask for a meeting in the near future to discuss TfL and GLA thoughts about this interesting idea which would bring much economic and transport communications benefit to this part of west London and the River Thames. The entrepreneurs would like to think of the bridge as a Diamond Jubilee legacy marking the area where HM the Queen will start her Jubilee River Pageant. This is very exciting and we hope it can be achieved.”

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